Live Coal Arts Mobile

2017 Knight Arts Challenge Winner!


In 2017, we were awarded a Knight Arts Challenge for our work with the Live Coal Arts Mobile (LCAM). The LCAM is a transformed 18' car hauler that doubles as a gallery and multi-purpose arts space on wheels! We focus on bringing the arts to Detroit neighborhoods and schools. If you would like to book our mobile, please contact us. Bookings are from April 27-November 6, 2020. Price varies based on request. Click here to make a donation for our work!

Neighborhood Block pARTies & Community Events


We invite individuals and organizations to put on workshops and performances. Pictured above is our collaboration with Carrie Morris Art Production who put on a shadow puppet performance and invited guests to create their own puppets.

Installations, Markets, Exhibitions


The LCAM has given artists to sell their handmade goods and to put on exhibitions of their work. Artists have also created interactive installations.